Visiting Serengeti

Serengeti is a popular safari park in Tanzania situated at the Kenyan border. In fact, locals have oftentimes referred to it as the “mecca” of all national parks.

It features a rich wildlife and nature destinations. If you have a trip to South Africa, you should not miss this wonderful place. And while you are busy packing your things, it is also wise to read through this article and know some essential things about Serengeti.

Serengeti is one of the Seven Wonders in Africa

Serengeti is composed of grasslands and plains extending approximately 12,000 square miles and is home to the popular wildebeest and zebras. This makes Serengeti one of the seven wonders in Africa along with the famous Sahara Desert and Nile River of Egypt.

You have to pay for an entrance fee.

While Serengeti is a haven of natural parks and wildlife, you can come in for free. Tourists would have to pay $20 to get in. Well, this should not be seen as something negative. The money they earn from entrance fee will be used for the maintenance of the park. Nevertheless, children below the age of the give can get in free.

You can visit Serengeti anytime except during the rainy season.

Serengeti is open all year round but the best time to visit is during summer which is around April and May. Different times of the year will offer different experiences so it is good to research what you would prefer to see in order to arrive at the best time. However, during rainy season Serengeti could be muddy and flooding in some areas hence avoid going here during winter.

The bush lodges are the best places to stay.

Serengeti doesn’t run short of facilities that can accommodate you throughout your vacation. In fact, you can find luxury hotels in the neighboring town. But if you really want to immerse in the rich culture and get a feel of the place, you can stay in luxury campsites or bush lodges. The places here are clean and tidy so you don’t have to worry of getting bitten by unlikely insects.

There is good with the old.

Did you know that Serengeti is one of the oldest places in the world? However, unlike other countries which showcase iconic architecture, Serengeti will meet you with its century old animals. You will see some of the oldest elephants in Serengeti which are proof of how old the place is.