Five Things to Know Before Going to Colorado

The scenic mountains and low cost of living are the top reasons why people want to live in Colorado. However, this country is more than just any photos you see on the internet. If you are planning to travel to Colorado, it is wise to know some facts to add more fun to your vacation.

Cheeseburgers were invented in Denver

There are no cheeseburgers like those made in Denver. Well, this city once claimed to be the origin of cheeseburger. As a proof to that, the first trademark for the name Cheeseburger was given to Louis Ballast who used to own a Humpty Dumpty restaurant at North Speer Boulevard in 1935. Today, this restaurant has become a Key Bank. Can you imagine that?

Colorado is nature-loving city

Although Colorado has now become a vibrant city with lots of daytime and nightlife activities, it is a city that loves nature. In fact, it is the only country in the United States which turned down the 1976 Winter Olympics to prevent pollution. That was one of the biggest moves done by the country’s government to help save the environment.

You may get altitude sickness in Colorado

 Did you know that the 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is approximately one mile high above sea level? Moreover, Colorado is surrounded with beautiful mountains that would be a waste if you forget your camera. In total, there are 15 separate mountains with 54 peaks that rise above 14, 000 feet. Make sure you bring your pills to cure your altitude sickness.

You can be in four countries at the same time

Colorado is the only country in the United States where the four states meet. These other three states are Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. There is a spot in Colorado where you can take a photo of yourself at the center of the boundaries. Clearly, this should be one of your bucket lists when visiting this state.

The world’s largest hot spring pool is in Colorado

Is it winter in Colorado? No problem. There is a two-block long pool located in Glenwood Spring, just across the street from the history Hotel Colorado. It used to be a favorite spot of former president Teddy Roosevelt and now you can actually try to relax in the area. Take a dip in the hot waters and enjoy a relaxing vacation in Colorado.