A Safe and Happy Tour In Paris

Realize what to do in a crisis 

Acclimate yourself with crisis contact numbers, the most significant of which is 112 (for hearing help dial 114). The administrator will dispatch clinical help (SAMU, 15), the police (gendarmerie, 17), or fire and mishap (sapeurs pompiers, 18) contingent upon the circumstance. French firemen are prepared to manage health related crises and are the most ordinarily dispatched unit. 

Get safeguarded 

For EU explorers, try to apply for or reestablish your EHIC, which will promise you admittance to state-gave medical care. Despite your nation of origin, travel protection is an unquestionable requirement when visiting Paris, for mishaps and harm, misfortune, or robbery of your possessions. 

Be careful with pickpockets 

Be careful on the metro – keep your sack in your grasp or got into your body, not holding tight the criminal of your arm or on your back – and close to vacation destinations. One well known ‘trick’ to be aware of is the point at which somebody (normally a youngster) requests that you sign an appeal and afterward requests cash. 

Stick to public vehicle 

The least demanding, most savvy approach to travel is on the metro or transports. A solitary excursion costs €1.90 and a book of 10 tickets is just €14.50. There are additionally an assortment of transient passes. On the off chance that you are remaining for possibly more than seven days, think about putting resources into a Navigo. 

Bring reasonable shoes 

However great as the public vehicle may be, you’ll in any case need to stroll around and see the city, particularly during the hotter months. Get familiar with the exercise of millions of sightseers who come, walk miles more than they’re utilized to, and wind up alleviating their rankles in the public wellsprings: pack agreeable footwear. The French are likewise famously awful at tidying up after their canines so mind your progression.

A Wonderful Tour in Tahiti

Tahiti is known for the lovely and stunning beaches and resorts that it offers. But visiting this beautiful country does not mean you will be confined to the beaches the whole duration of your vacation. In fact, there are actually many places that you need to see here. And that is what we are going to share to you today! 

Now let’s get the ball rolling and tour around this beautiful country virtually. 

Overwater bungalows

Catch a glimpse of the popular overwater bungalows or idyllic ocean huts. You’ve probably seen these in many advertisements but now you have to see these lovely spots in Tahiti.

Three Waterfalls

The Three Waterfalls, known locally as Les Trois Cascades or the Faarumai Waterfalls, are a series of falls on the northeastern part of Tahiti Nui. It may require a bit of trekking to reach this paradise but the end reward is totally worth it!

Natural aquarium

Get up close with the beautiful marine life of Tahiti by visiting the Natural Aquarium. This is a must-see activity especially if you love seeing marine creatures but too afraid to swim, snorkel, or dive. The waters here are very shallow, which means there are no sharks if that is what you’re afraid of.


As you may know, Tahiti is popular for having one of the most dangerous sur braks in the world. The waves are really big and powerful. That means you must be a trained surfer if you dare to surf here. Tahiti’s best waves occur during the winter months of May to October. Of course, there are many other accessible areas for surfing such as Teahupo’o. You will definitely enjoy this place even if you are not an experienced surfer.

Papeete Market

The Papeete Market is one of the biggest in Tahiti and located in the heart of the capital city. If you want to stock up on souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones who are waiting for your return, you must visit this place. That way you can bring the island vibes home with you.

What to do in Tahiti

1. Investigate Papeete

Heaven for as little as possible was my point while investigating Tahiti. Taking a mobile visit through the capital, Papeete, is a decent base from which to stretch out all alone. The recommended course is about a mile and a quarter and requires around two hours from the beginning at To’ata Square to the Place Vaiete.

2. Take To The Coast

On the off chance that you would prefer to lease a vehicle to investigate the island of Tahiti, there is a 70-mile seaside street that surrounds the island going in a clockwise circuit. Outside of the hustle of the capital city, the encompassing ocean is the most profound blue, and the spiked pinnacles of Tahitian mountains stick away from the ocean upward. On the off chance that you intend to take this course, know that vehicles walk at “island pace” — around 30 miles 60 minutes.

3. Appreciate Nature The Tahitian Way

As you proceed with this waterfront course, you’ll see finishes paperwork for a characteristic Tahitian marvel: the Arahoho Blowhole. Under the correct conditions, the ocean expands that are constrained through the stone give an incredible show. In the wake of driving a little more than 60 miles past the blow opening, you’ll go to a street that turns inland. Here you will track down the following best free sight on Tahiti: the Faarumai Waterfalls.

4. Dare To Tahititi

In the event that you are searching for something really strange, think about visiting Tahiti Iti. Tahiti Iti is the tranquil, southeastern portion of the island. On the off chance that you appreciate climbing or surfing, or might want to see a quiet, clean tidal pond, at that point Tahiti Iti is the spot to be. You can cross into Tahiti Iti at Taravao, yet the street just reaches out to Tautira in the north and Teahupoo in the south. There is no street around this little island, yet there are magnificent waves for surfers in Teahupoo.

5. Bounce On A Cargo Ship Or Ride The Ferry

Catch a ride on one of the load dispatches that transports products between the islands, or jump installed a ship that buses to and fro among Tahiti and Mo’orea, a more modest island toward the west, every day. There are likewise boat visits along the shore of Tahiti Iti. Proficient boat administrator Teahupoo Excursions runs custom visits that come enthusiastically suggested by voyagers and have procured the organization a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

The Best Hotels to Stay in Himalayas

Do you want to get away from the hustle bustle of the city? Well, these budget hotels near the Himalayas don’t cost a fortune. They are located in serene spots where you can enjoy more privacy. Check this out!

Khim’s Guesthouse

Khim’s Guesthouse is just a short walk down the valley. If you have many luggages, you can ask the porters to carry them for you.  This guesthouse offers 10 individual cottages with attached kitchens and bathrooms for just 400-700 rupees per night for a room. Located a prime location, Khim’s Guesthouse will totally make your Himalayan Vacation remarkable.

Kaaphal Hill

 Kaaphil Hill is an ideal place for mountain enthusiasts. This lovely hotel is located between Almora and Munisyari and aims to provide guests with a place for adventure and education. If you want to experience the true taste of Himalayan life, you will definitely enjoy every bit of your stay in this hotel. There are only three rooms in Kaaphal Hill for just 1,300 rupees per night for a double room.

Idyllic Haven

Idyllic Haven is situated inside Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Although quite a beauty, we do not recommend this hotel for those who have a weak heart as it takes about 40 minutes of hiking to reach this place. Nevertheless, once you are in the hotel, you can enjoy solitude and calmness. Everything is so worth it! There are only four rooms in this hotel for only 1,700 rupees per person, per night, including all meals.

The Pinkhouse

The Pinkhouse is actually more of a home than a hotel. It is an ideal choice if you want a superb view of McLeodGanj. You will love its ambiance, the well-decorated interiors and classic exterior. Plus it gives you a great view of the Himalayas mountain ranges. It has a total of 14 rooms for only 1,600 rupees per night for a double room. Expect to pay 2,500 rupees for a superior room.

Five Things to Know Before Going to Colorado

The scenic mountains and low cost of living are the top reasons why people want to live in Colorado. However, this country is more than just any photos you see on the internet. If you are planning to travel to Colorado, it is wise to know some facts to add more fun to your vacation.

Cheeseburgers were invented in Denver

There are no cheeseburgers like those made in Denver. Well, this city once claimed to be the origin of cheeseburger. As a proof to that, the first trademark for the name Cheeseburger was given to Louis Ballast who used to own a Humpty Dumpty restaurant at North Speer Boulevard in 1935. Today, this restaurant has become a Key Bank. Can you imagine that?

Colorado is nature-loving city

Although Colorado has now become a vibrant city with lots of daytime and nightlife activities, it is a city that loves nature. In fact, it is the only country in the United States which turned down the 1976 Winter Olympics to prevent pollution. That was one of the biggest moves done by the country’s government to help save the environment.

You may get altitude sickness in Colorado

 Did you know that the 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is approximately one mile high above sea level? Moreover, Colorado is surrounded with beautiful mountains that would be a waste if you forget your camera. In total, there are 15 separate mountains with 54 peaks that rise above 14, 000 feet. Make sure you bring your pills to cure your altitude sickness.

You can be in four countries at the same time

Colorado is the only country in the United States where the four states meet. These other three states are Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. There is a spot in Colorado where you can take a photo of yourself at the center of the boundaries. Clearly, this should be one of your bucket lists when visiting this state.

The world’s largest hot spring pool is in Colorado

Is it winter in Colorado? No problem. There is a two-block long pool located in Glenwood Spring, just across the street from the history Hotel Colorado. It used to be a favorite spot of former president Teddy Roosevelt and now you can actually try to relax in the area. Take a dip in the hot waters and enjoy a relaxing vacation in Colorado.

5 Surprising Secrets of the Pyramids in Egypt Revealed

Did you know that three pyramids of Egypt – especially the Pyramid of Giza – are one of the most magnificent man-made structures in the world? Although these pyramids were made in the olden times, they have continued to amaze tourists who visit the country. In fact, many people around the world are still dying to see these beautiful wonders. 

What people don’t know is that Egypt is still full of surprises that many people do not know about. So sit back and relax as we tell you five most surprising facts about the Egyptian pyramids.The pyramids weren’t built with a pointed top. Many of you probably imagine the tip of the pyramids to be shaped like a cone but the earliest pyramids weren’t that pointed at all. In fact, they have a flat top such as those pyramids found in the vast Saqqara burial ground.

Pyramids are Egyptians tombs. 

Yes they are! Although they may look like just some tourist attractions to you, ancient people in Egypt built the pyramids to lay their ancestors to rest.  The place is sacred rather than a fun destination. Tourists who come need to observe stringent rules upon going inside the pyramids.

Most pyramids were built in the Nile River. 

Ancient Egyptian culture is guided by mythology.  Since the pyramids were the final resting place of pharaohs, they are built near the river so their souls can begin a smooth journey to the other side.

Geologists are still wondering how the pyramids were built.

Can you even imagine how the ancient people were able to build towering pyramids considering the lack of construction machineries in the past? How did the people move the giant blocks? Although the pyramids were sort of a sad symbol for most Egyptian ancestors, many tourists can’t help but admire its unique structure.

The pyramids were not built by slaves.

You must have thought that the pyramids were built by slaves like how David’s temple was once built. In the 1990s, graves of the Egyptian builders were found in the place and they were found to be workers who belonged to the low-income family. 

In ancient times, workers and builders would have a decent grave in honor for their effort but slaves normally did not have the same treatment.

Visiting Serengeti

Serengeti is a popular safari park in Tanzania situated at the Kenyan border. In fact, locals have oftentimes referred to it as the “mecca” of all national parks.

It features a rich wildlife and nature destinations. If you have a trip to South Africa, you should not miss this wonderful place. And while you are busy packing your things, it is also wise to read through this article and know some essential things about Serengeti.

We traveled to Africa for a one week excursion to celebrate our 11th year in business together as BGB Painting in Arizona. What an amazing experience! We highly recommend it.

Serengeti is one of the Seven Wonders in Africa

Serengeti is composed of grasslands and plains extending approximately 12,000 square miles and is home to the popular wildebeest and zebras. This makes Serengeti one of the seven wonders in Africa along with the famous Sahara Desert and Nile River of Egypt.

You have to pay for an entrance fee.

While Serengeti is a haven of natural parks and wildlife, you can come in for free. Tourists would have to pay $20 to get in. Well, this should not be seen as something negative. The money they earn from entrance fee will be used for the maintenance of the park. Nevertheless, children below the age of the give can get in free.

You can visit Serengeti anytime except during the rainy season.

Serengeti is open all year round but the best time to visit is during summer which is around April and May. Different times of the year will offer different experiences so it is good to research what you would prefer to see in order to arrive at the best time. However, during rainy season Serengeti could be muddy and flooding in some areas hence avoid going here during winter.

The bush lodges are the best places to stay.

Serengeti doesn’t run short of facilities that can accommodate you throughout your vacation. In fact, you can find luxury hotels in the neighboring town. But if you really want to immerse in the rich culture and get a feel of the place, you can stay in luxury campsites or bush lodges. The places here are clean and tidy so you don’t have to worry of getting bitten by unlikely insects.

There is good with the old.

Did you know that Serengeti is one of the oldest places in the world? However, unlike other countries which showcase iconic architecture, Serengeti will meet you with its century old animals. You will see some of the oldest elephants in Serengeti which are proof of how old the place is.

Best Countries to Visit in Asia

Asia is the largest continent of this world that ranges from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea towards the Pacific Ocean. No doubt Asia is the place that you should explore in your vacations if you are an adventurer, nature lover, and a hiker then this place is absolutely ideal for you. The vast landmarks of Asia are spread in mind blowing mountain ranges such as the Himalayas, dry Arabian, and Gobi deserts, thick and dense forests and beautiful beaches and islands that seem to be paradise on Earth.

If you are planning to explore this awesome place then you must be thinking about the best countries that you can visit. In this article, I have shortlisted some of the best countries in Asia where you can experience a great thrill regarding travel. So let’s start.


Thailand is a beautiful place that is well known because of its beautiful and breathtaking beaches, glittering temples and friendly people. Thailand is an extremely popular travel destination and it is also referred to as the Land of Smiles.

The capital city Bangkok has a lot of cuisines and nightlife is highly appealing there. So, if you are a nightcrawler then this city of Thailand is an ideal place for you. 

Some of the best places that you should visit in Thailand include Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya City.

Thailand is a host for wild and dense jungles, paddy fields, beautiful towns, and villages. 


Indonesia is a country that comprises more than 18,000 islands that are spread 4,700 kilometres from east to west. The country covers a huge area. The small, secluded settlements in Indonesia are in stark contrast to the chaotic capital city of Jakarta.

Indonesia is located between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, the islands of this country are much diverse, in Bali, you will see beautiful beaches with mind blowing sunsets. Similarly, in Borneo, you will encounter a wonderful diversity of wildlife and orangutans.

In Indonesia, you have so much to see and do, that is why sometimes it is also referred to as the Emerald of the Equator. 


Nepal is one of the most appealing countries in Asia, where you can go for mountaineering and trekking. The county is full of the amazing scenery that will blow your mind for sure. Nepal is dominated by the Himalayas, and this mountain nation is the home for many of the tallest peaks on the Earth. 

Nepal is also enriched with cultural heritage. As a traveller, you get an opportunity to visit centuries-old temples, shrines, monasteries, and palaces, in Nepal. The Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Nepal. This was the place where Buddha was born about 2,500 years ago. Due to so many cultural heritages and religious sites, the capital city Kathmandu is also known as the City of Temples. So if you are planning to visit Nepal then don’t forget to visit this city as well.